(A duration of 1.5 is recommended for a more natural sound)


A full document entry is being written, but here's the gist:

The txt2wav() function is part of the PHP-VOX project, written and maintained by PilotPig™ founder Daniel P. Brown. It's a built-in PHP function available to all PilotPig™ shared hosting customers that converts a block of text to synthesized speech and writes the result to a waveform file.

Using it is easy:
boolean txt2wav(mixed $text, string $outFile [, double $duration [, double $pitch [, double $stddev]]])

  • $text - A block of text to convert to speech
  • $outFile - The location and name of the waveform file to create.
  • $duration - The duration of each sound synthesized by the function.
  • $pitch - The median pitch at which the voice will synthesize.
  • $stddev - The maximum standard deviation from $pitch.
As mentioned, a full document entry is forthcoming. Stay tuned to this page for changes.

Thanks to Matijn Woudt for his contributions to the initial Spring 2007 version!
PilotPig™ was founded in the Spring of 2007 as a branch of the Parasane™ web hosting division. What began as a project for folks involved in open source groups such as the PHP project to be able to use specialized and experimental functions grew into a full company in its own right. Now with over 250 websites hosted on a network of servers, PilotPig™ has become a real pioneer in the shared hosting industry.
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